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My background studies cover the fields of Electrical and Control Engineering; And my recent PhD research focused on statistical analysis tools for fault detection and process monitoring.

As a member of the Sensor Systems group at BigInsight research centre, my research interests are to exploit statistical and machine learning tools and develop novel methods  to explore real-time sensors measurements for big data analysis and information extraction. The main objectives are to construct efficient, robust and reliable strategies for fault detection, diagnosis, and reconstruction in modern industrial systems and particularly the maritime sector.

Tags: Statistics and biostatistics, Statistics, Fault detection, Big data, Industrial systems


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  • Dali, Ali; ABDELMALEK, Samir; GENCER, Altan; Bakdi, Azzeddine & Bettayeb, Maamar (2020). A Generalized Control Strategy for DC-DC Converters used in DC Microgrid with SWT, PV and FC.
  • Bakdi, Azzeddine; Guichi, Amar; Mekhilef, Saad & Bounoua, Wahiba (2020). GPVS-Faults: Experimental Data for fault scenarios in grid-connected PV systems under MPPT and IPPT modes.

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