MatPIV is a free Matlab-toolbox for Particle Image Velocimetry. 

MatPIV is one of a number of free, open source PIV toolboxes for Matlab. It also happens to be one of the oldest and most widely used.  

Particle Image Velocimetry is based on the principles of pattern matching. The displacement of local patterns in an image may be found by calculating the (local) similarity (or minimal difference) between two successive images. 

MatPIV 1.7

This is the new MatPIV 1.7 version, minus an updated user manual. The help text in matpiv describes the new functionality. Note that the PTV functionality has been included in this zip-archive by default so there is no need to download this separately

An introduction to MatPIV 1.6.1

This document provides a simple introduction to MatPIV and should also serve as the correct citation.

MatPIV 1.6.1 zip file

Download MatPIV here


A Particle Tracking Velocimetry addon for MatPIV. It is very basic and uses PIV in the first iteration to estimate particle locations - thereafter it can use a blend of PIV and previous timestep PTV to match particles.