Martin Helsø

Academic interests

Determinantal varieties. Spectrahedra. Real and complex geometry.


  • Helsø, M. Maximality of quartic symmetroids with a double quadric of codimension 1. 2019. [arXiv]
  • Helsø, M and Ranestad, K. Rational quartic spectrahedra. 2018. [arXiv]

Courses taught

Spring 2020: MAT2000, MEK3200, STK-MAT2011

Autumn 2019: MAT2500


2016: Master of Science in Mathematics, UiO

2014: Bachelor of Science in Computational Science and Mathematics, UiO

Tags: Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry, LaTeX


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  • Helsø, Martin (2019). Rational quartic spectrahedra. Show summary
  • Helsø, Martin (2018). Rational quartic spectrahedra.
  • Helsø, Martin (2017). Parametrising spectrahedra. Show summary
  • Helsø, Martin (2016). Parametrising spectrahedra.
  • Helsø, Martin (2016). Rational quartic spectrahedra.

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