Research interests

My research interests are centered around connections between C*-algebras and semigroup dynamical systems. In particular, I want to improve my understanding of irreversible phenomena (and add a few to the existing list, if possible). This makes me wonder about aspects of

  • semigroup crossed products, semigroup C*-algebras, and boundary quotients of these,

  • Kirchberg algebras and K-theory,

  • amenability of group actions on boundaries,

  • KMS-state structures on (Nica-)Toeplitz and Cuntz-(Nica-)Pimsner algebras, as well as on semigroup C*-algebras and their quotients,

  • inverse semigroups, groupoids, product systems of Hilbert bimodules, and their associated C*-algebras.

Feel invited to browse my research statement for details.