I am grateful to my teachers for sharing their wisdom, their enthusiasm, and their support. My ambition is to follow their path in that respect and to let the interaction with students become a vital part of my academic life.


Teaching at UiO

C*-algebras (MAT4360), joint with Tron Omland, autumn 2016: lecture notes (beware: the end part of the notes is not in final form and does not include detailed proofs of all statements).



During my time as a doctoral student in Münster, I served as an assistant for 

  • Introduction to Functional Analysis (with Joachim Cuntz),
  • Analysis III (with Wilhelm Winter), and
  • Mathematics for Physicists (with Wend Werner)

These tasks involved preparation of weekly exercise sheets and course exams, organization of the exercise sessions (run by tutors under my supervision), as well as grading exams. In addition, I was twice supervisor for 20-30 third year students mentoring freshmen within the framework of a so-called 'Propädeutikum'

Apart from this, I was a tutor for numerous courses such as linear algebra I & II, stochastics and ordinary differential equations from 04/2008 until 03/2011. In 09/2010, Prof. Dr. Gerold Alsmeyer allowed me to give a two weeks review course on the contents of probability theory.