Tormod Landet

Update: I am in the US until May 2019, and can no longer be found in the office in Oslo

Academic interests

I am a PhD researcher working on numerical simulation of free surface flows in the fluid mechanics research group at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oslo. My research is related to high density ratio, high Reynolds number, incompressible fluid flows studied by use of higher order discontinuous Galerkin methods. The goal of the research project is to be able to study fixed and floating structures exposed to ocean waves.

Cruise Ship with life boats hanging of the side

One example of an interesting structure to study could be equipment hanging on the side of a large ship, such as the life boats on the cruise ship above. The main flow in the liquid domain is dominated by large scale wave motion, which is relatively smooth and well suited for high order methods. The flow in an area around a life boat will be very complex in the event of a wave slamming impact. This requires good mass conservation and a flexible treatment of the topology of the free surface in the numerical method.

I am currently working on implementing the above in a program called Ocellaris which is implemented by use of the FEniCS software.


My academic background is a master degree in Marine Hydrodynamics from NTNU. After completing the master I worked for six years with ship hydrodynamics in the maritime advisory part of DNV GL. I am currently on leave from that position to work towards obtaining a PhD from UiO (2014-2018).


Tags: Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, FEM, discontinuous Galerkin, free surface, two-phase, flow, computational, fluid, dynamics
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