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Tags: Mathematics, Classification of Lie algebras, Harmonic analysis on Lie groups, Operator algebras


  • Sund, Terje & Pavel, Liliana (2002). Monoid extensions admitting cocycles. Semigroup Forum.  ISSN 0037-1912. Show summary

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  • Sund, Terje (2001). Monotony of certain free group representations. Mathematical Reviews.  ISSN 0025-5629. Show summary
  • Sund, Terje (2000, 01. desember). Om usikkerheten i slektstr√¶r (Alle har en gal tip-tip-tip-oldefar). [Radio].  Oslo.
  • Sund, Terje (2000). Square-integrable imprimitivity systems. Mathematical Reviews.  ISSN 0025-5629.
  • Sund, Terje (1999). Generalization of the Mackey induction procedure, by L. Pavel. Mathematical Reviews.  ISSN 0025-5629.
  • Sund, Terje (1999). Groups with bounded trace. Show summary
  • Sund, Terje (1999). Groups with trivial cortex. Show summary
  • Sund, Terje (1999). On non-unitary induced representations, by K. Kumahara. Mathematical Reviews.  ISSN 0025-5629.

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