Alexandra Honorine Emilie Vallet

Researcher - Mechanics
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Room 915
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35 Niels Henrik Abels hus 0851 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1053 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic interests

Willing to act for concrete and direct social concern I am building bridges between physics and research on dementia. I spent 7 years of research in the field of astrophysics, using complex mathematical models to design experiments where ‘mini stars’ were reproduced in a laboratory using a large laser facility (the Laser Megajoule). A fruitful encounter with neurosurgeon Eric Schmidt convinced me that current mathematical modelling capabilities, combined with existing neuroimaging technologies, provide an unprecedented opportunity to better understand brain ageing.

My project focuses on the role of intracranial blood pulsation in neurodegenerative diseases.

Courses taught

  • ISAE-SUPAERO, Biomechanics, Lecture
  • University of Oxford, Spherical shock wave - self similar solutions, Lecture
  • University of Bordeaux, Fluid mechanics, Practical works
  • IUT mesures physiques de Bordeaux, Fluid mechanics, Tutorials/Practical works


Professional experience

01/09/2020 –


Department of mathematics, University of Oslo RCN-funded post-doctoral fellowship (PI K. A. Mardal), Oslo (Norway). Modelling of the perivascular flow of CSF (1 D and 3D modelling) driven by the pulsation of blood vessels. Analysis in-vivo data from patients and mouse models. Analysis of brain clearance during sleep due to active vasodilatation [1].

25/02/2019 –


CNRS UMR 5502 IMFT ERC-funded post-doctoral fellowship (PI S. Lorthois), Toulouse (France). Analysis of the coupling between the vascular system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the cerebral tissue at the mesoscale level with a network modelling approach

13/12/2017 –


INSERM UMR 1214 ToNIC Post-doctoral research funded by the region Occitanie, Toulouse (France). Exploratory study on the altered biomechanical properties of the central nervous system in pathological brain aging [2-4]

10/12/2014 –


CEA Researcher, Paris (France). Radiative-hydrodynamics simulations, design and interpretation of high energy density physics experiments on the Megajoule Laser facility

Confidential work

20/02/2013 –


LLE Long term mission, Rochester (New-York state, USA). Study of strong spherical shock pressure generation, design and interpretation of experiments on the OMEGA laser facility [7,8]

01/05/2011 –


CEA Internship, Paris (France). Instabilities seeded by surface roughness in self-similar ablation flow in inertial confinement fusion [5]

14/06/2010 –


INSERM U703 / École Centrale de Lille LML-UMR 8107 Project in parallel with my studies, Lille (France). Finite element quasi-static model of pelvic mobility [10]

Education - Diploma


PhD, CELIA UMR 5107, University of Bordeaux

Hydrodynamic modelling of the shock ignition scheme for inertial confinement fusion”

Inertial confinement fusion is a way to reproduce fusion reactions (the origin of the energy unleashed by the sun and stars) in a laboratory. A pellet target is compressed and heated with high-energy beams of laser light until the needed extreme conditions of stellar interiors are reached. This PhD study investigates theoretically and experimentally how to get ignition with a converging shock wave. [6-9]

Advisors: V. Tikhonchuk, X. Ribeyre


Master of Science in Mechanics and Engineering with a specialty in fluid mechanics, University of LilleFirst rank


Diploma in Engineering, École des Mines de DouaiFirst rank




European Physical Society best poster award


Fusion Science Center Award for Excellence in Poster Presentation


Oscar Waquet award 2500 euros (First rank student at EMD school)


Merit award (4000 euros) for my study in biomechanics (INSERM, EC Lille)


Tags: Mechanics, fluid dynamics, finite-elements, poroelasticity, brain aging, dementia, France

Selected publications

[1] Sleep-state specific vascular dynamics regulate the size of paravascular space and fluid flow in the brain L. Bojarskaite, A. Vallet, D. Bjørnstad M. Kuchta,K. Mardal, R. Enger, – in preparation

[2] Homocysteinemia is Associated with Frailty and Biomechanical Response of the CNS in NPH-suspected Patients, S. Guillotin, A. Vallet, S. Lorthois, P. Cestac, E. Schmidt, N. Delcourt, - submitted to Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences

[3] Assessment of Pressure-Volume Index During Lumbar Infusion Study: What Is the Optimal Method? A. Vallet, L. Gergelé, E. Jouanneau, E. A Schmidt, R. Manet. Acta neurochirurgica. Supplement, Vol 131, P335-338. 2021

[4] Biomechanical response of the CNS is associated with frailty in NPH-suspected patients. A Vallet, N Del Campo, E Hoogendijk, A Lokossou, O Baledent, Z Czosnyka, L Balardy, P Payoux, P Swider, S Lorthois, and E Schmidt. Journal of Neurology – 2020

Between 2015 – 2017 : confidential reports at the CEA

[5] Transient effects in unstable ablation fronts and mixing layers in HEDP. J-M Clarisse, S Gauthier, L Dastugue, A Vallet and N Schneider. Physica Scripta – Volume 91 – Issue 7 – Pages 074005. 2016

[6] Physics of laser-plasma interaction for shock ignition of fusion reactions. VT Tikhonchuk, A Colaïtis, A Vallet, E Llor Aisa, G Duchateau, Ph Nicolaï, X Ribeyre. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion – Volume 59
– Issue 1 – Pages 014018 . 2015

[7] Spherical strong-shock generation for shock-ignition inertial fusion. W Theobald, R Nora, W Seka, M Lafon, KS Anderson, M Hohenberger, FJ Marshall, DT Michel, AA Solodov, C Stoeckl, DH Edgell, B Yaakobi, A Casner, C Reverdin, X Ribeyre, A Shvydky, A Vallet, J Peebles, FN Beg, MS Wei, R Betti. Physics of Plasmas – Volume 22 – Issue 5 – Pages 056310 . 2015

[8] Gigabar spherical shock generation on the OMEGA laser. R Nora, W Theobald, R Betti, FJ Marshall, DT Michel, W Seka, B Yaakobi, M Lafon, C Stoeckl, J Delettrez, AA Solodov, A Casner, C Reverdin, X Ribeyre, A Vallet, J Peebles, FN Beg, MS Wei. Physical review letters – Volume 114 – Issue 4 – Pages 045001, 2013

[9] Finite Mach number spherical shock wave, application to shock ignition. A Vallet, X Ribeyre, V Tikhonchuk. Physics of Plasmas – Vol 20 – Issue 8 – Pages 082702 . 2013

[10] Simulation of normal pelvic mobilities in building an MRI-validated biomechanical model. Michel Cosson, C Rubod, A Vallet, JF Witz, P Dubois, M Brieu. International urogynecology journal – Volume 24 – Issue 1 – Pages 105-112 . 2013


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