Football and Sunday excursions


On Saturday at 17.30 there will be a football match for those interested. This will take place at the 'Gamle idretten' (Old sports ground), see the map.

Sunday excursions

There are no planned activities on Sunday, but we would like to suggest three possible excursions.

Excursion to the 'End of the World'

South of Tønsberg there is a string of islands, and there is a bus that will take you right to the 'End of the World'. There you will find beautifully smooth rocks at the entrance to the Oslo Fjord; the next stop to the South is Denmark. The bus leaves from the bus garage shown in the map at Jernbanegaten 1b, at 11:05, 13:05, 14:05, 15:05 etc, the cost is 47 NOK (you can pay by credit and debit card on the bus), and the journey takes 43 min. The bus is number 02, heading for Hvasser, and you have to change to bus 022 a little bit before the end (this is just stepping from one bus to the other, the wait is 3 mins). There are buses going back at 12:08, 14:08, 15:08, 16:08, 18:08, 21:08 and 23:08.

Boat trip to the island of Bolærne

There is a boat that will take you out to Bolærne, one of the islands in the Oslo Fjord. The boat leaves from Kanalbrygga 2-4 at 10:00 and 16:30, as shown on the map below. There is also a boat at 13:50 which leaves from the pier by the restaurants outside the hotel. The crossing takes 70 mins and the cost is 250 NOK for a return ticket (200 NOK if you come back without leaving the boat). We suggest you take the boat to Østre Bolærne, the second stop, where you can take a nice walk and eat at the restaurant.

Walk around Tønsberg

Tønsberg is believed to be Norway's oldest town, usually dated to 871 based on the old sagas. The walk shown on the map will take you past some of the sights. If you start by going east you first come to the art museum Haugar. You then continue to Torvet, the town square, and then to Slottsfjellet at the top of the hill in the middle of the town, with a great view in all directions. From there you go back and then continue to the north on the east side of the hill to the Slottsfjell-museum with a viking ship, history of whaling etc. The walk will then take you to the 'North Town', with some picturesque old houses and then back to the hotel along the pier.


Published June 21, 2016 6:49 PM - Last modified June 25, 2016 4:14 PM