The proceedings of the conference will be published in the Springer series, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, just like MMCS2008 and MMCS2012.

1) Participants who presented a talk at the meeting are invited to submit a paper to the proceedings based on their presentation. We will not consider submissions that were not presented at the meeting.

2) Only full length journal quality papers will be considered for publication. The results should not be published elsewhere, and we will not accept abstracts or summaries.

3) There is no limit on the number of pages, but we urge authors to be concise. Springer are asking authors to aim for 10-20 pages. Authors of excessively long papers may be asked to shorten them.

4) All papers will be peer reviewed. Authors will be notified about the status of their contribution as soon as the reviews are complete. If accepted, revisions may be requested.

5) All papers must be prepared using the Springer LaTeX style file. Please limit the use of special latex packages -- it complicates the processing of your paper. Author instructions can be found in authors.pdf. The style file can be found in An example latex file (used to generate authors.pdf) can be found in

6) Your paper should be submitted using Springer's OCS-system. If you follow the link you get to a page were you can either login if you have used the service before, or register for an account. You can then submit your paper via the 'Submission'-tab at the top of the page.

7) The deadline for submitting a paper is 31 October, 2016.

8) We are aiming to complete the reviewing process by 31 March 2017. Authors of accepted papers will be asked to complete the copyright form lncs-springer_copyright_form.pdf.

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