Participants in Computational Mathematics

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Snorre Harald Christiansen Professor +47 22857774 Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, numerical analysis
Geir Dahl Head of Department +47 22855835 +47 90640373 (mob) Mathematics
Ulrik Skre Fjordholm Associate Professor +47 22856029 Nonlinear PDEs, Numerical methods for PDEs, Hyperbolic conservation laws, differential equations, Computational Mathematics
Michael S. Floater Professor +47 22854036 geometric modelling, approximation theory, numerical analysis
Håkon Andreas Hoel Associate Professor Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, computational mathematics, stochastic differential equations, data assimilation.
Nils Henrik Risebro Professor +47 22856027 +47 92437734 (mob) Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations
Øyvind Ryan Senior Lecturer +47 22856031 Computational Mathematics
Vegard Antun Postdoctoral Fellow +47 91553728 Mathematics, Computational Mathematics
Tom Lyche Professor emeritus +47-22856024 +47-48357266
Anders Christian Hansen Adjunct Professor Mathematics, Operator algebras
Ola Isaac Høgåsen Mæhlen Postdoctoral Fellow Conservation laws, dispersive equations, partial differential equations
Siddhartha Mishra Associate Professor Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics
Adrian Montgomery Ruf Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations
Johan Sokrates Wind Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, deep learning, neural networks, compressed sensing, machine learning, Computational Mathematics
Ragnar Winther +47 48153210 Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, China, USA
Magnus Christie Ørke Doctoral Research Fellow
Hao Tang Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic and deterministic PDEs