José Bico: Inflating to shape: from sheets to 3D structures

Abstract:  After a broad overview of the activities of MecaWet group at PMMH, the presentation will focus on the “dry side” of MecaWet.

Drawing a flat map of the Earth is fundamentally challenging as continents unavoidably end up distorted. Reciprocally, complex natural shapes such as the delicate shape of Orchidea petals emanate from differential growth. From an engineering point of view, similar shape changes can be obtained when flat patches embedded with a network of channels are inflated. We will discuss two opposite strategies involving stretchable elastomers or, conversely, stiff fabrics. Can we program the resulting 3D shapes? How robust are such inflated structures?

This talk is part of the Mechanics Lunch Seminar series. Bring-your-own-lunch and lots of questions.

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Published Nov. 1, 2021 6:19 PM - Last modified Nov. 1, 2021 6:19 PM