Participants in Mechanics

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
John Grue Professor +47 22855839 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Energy
Geir Kleivstul Pedersen
Atle Jensen Professor +47 22855841 +47 92462282 (mob) Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, water waves, multiphase flow, PIV, PTV
Karsten Trulsen Professor +47 22855833 +4741322402 (mob) +47-41322402 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, nonlinear waves, freak waves
Mikael Mortensen Professor +47 22855866 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent combustion, Turbulent mixing
Kent-Andre Mardal Professor +47 22855828 +4793610854 (mob) Computational Mechanics
Andreas Carlson Associate Professor +47 22857223 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Ira Didenkulova Associate Professor +47 228 55784 coastal zone dynamics, nonlinear waves, tsunami, freak waves
Kristian Sveen Associate Professor +47 22857228 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Lisa Smith Researcher
Jean Rabault
Petter Vollestad
Susanne Liese
Christian Pedersen Doctoral Research Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Reyna Guadalupe Ramirez de La Torre Researcher Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics, Electronics
Rossana Virginia Rojas Molina
Tak Shing Chan Researcher
Trygve Kvåle Løken Doctoral Research Fellow Mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Svalbard
Christopher Lawrence Doctoral Research Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Surface water waves, Extreme waves, Nonlinear waves
Yiyi Whitchelo Doctoral Research Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Anna Piterskaya Doctoral Research Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Martin Hornkjøl Doctoral Research Fellow Partial Differential Equations, Machine Learning, Mathematical modeling
Bastian Zapf Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, Partial Differential Equations, neurobiological modelling
Alexandra Vallet
Florian Maurits Arbes Student
Timo Koch Postdoctoral Fellow Scientific computing, Bio-fluid-mechanics
Yngve Mardal Moe Doctoral Research Fellow Scientific computing, Biomechanics, Machine learning, Computational medicine
Mathijs Adriaan Janssen Postdoctoral Fellow biophysics, membrane modelling, chemical kinetics, electrokinetic phenomena
Stephane Poulain Doctoral Research Fellow Fluid dynamics, Interfacial flows, Mechanics
Annette Cazaubiel Postdoctoral Fellow Mechanics, Fluid mechanics