Coalescing stochastic flows: construction, analysis and application. Part 1/4

Prof. Georgii Riabov from the Kyiv Institute of Mathematics will give at our department a mini-course of four lectures.

Abstract below.

During the course we will study coalescing stochastic flows – a class of

random mappings of a phase space that act homogeneously and independently

on non-overlapping time intervals, but also are non-homeomorphic mappings of

a phase space. Such flows arise as limitting objects in a number of systems with

singular interactions.

Coalescing phenomenon complicates both the construction and analysis of

the flow. We will discuss various approaches to these problems. Existence and

classification will be proved for Harris flows, in particular for the Arratia flow.

The Brownian web will be constructed and applied to the definition of a selfrepelling

motion (by B. T´oth and W.Werner). Finally, we will develop dynamical

point of view in order to construct a new type of discontinuous random dynamical


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