Colloquium Talk: Erik Adli (UiO): "Particle accelerators”

Associate Professor Erik Adli from the Department of Physics at UiO will give a Colloquium Talk on 

                                 Particle Accelerators

Abstract: The operating principle for modern radio-frequency particle accelerators was demonstrated by the Norwegian Rolf Widerøe in 1928. Since then a tremendous amount of R&D has taken place in order to arrive at today’s accelerators, which accelerate intense bunches of charged particles to trillions of electron volt of energy, while at the same preserving well the particle phase space. The R&D has lead to important technology developments, as well as progress and insight in physics (e.g, theory of beam instabilitities) and applied mathematics (e.g. the modelling of particle motion with sympletic maps). I will go through different particle accelerator types, in more or less chronologial order, and expand upon selected developments that have brought the field forward.

NB! Coffee/Tea/Biscuits from 12.30 in the lunch room.

Published Apr. 9, 2018 1:27 PM