Disputation: Rossana Virginia Rojas Molina

Doctoral candidate Rossana Virginia Rojas Molina at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is  defending the thesis Membrane budding dynamics by diffusion and kinetic recruitment of proteins for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

Picture of the candidate.

Doctoral candidate Rossana Virginia Rojas Molina

The University of Oslo is closed. The PhD defence and trial lecture will therefore be fully digital and streamed directly using Zoom. The host of the session will moderate the technicalities while the chair of the defence will moderate the disputation.

Ex auditorio questions: the chair of the defence will invite the audience to ask questions ex auditorio at the end of the defence. If you would like to ask a question, click 'Raise hand' and wait to be unmuted.

Trial lecture

18th of December, 10:15, Zoom

"Self-assembly in Biology"

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Main research findings

Biological membranes have fundamental implications in a large number of processes in the cell. As such, membranes possess important properties: they can change their shape as an elastic surface, and they are fluid, which allows the diffusion of different molecules and proteins. In this work, I study, from a theoretical point of view, some of the implications of the membrane fluidity and elasticity.

In particular, I focus on the influence of characteristic fixed membrane shapes, similar to the ones observed in some experiments, on the diffusion of molecules. This study reveals a dependence between the diffusion time of the molecules and the membrane curvature.
Membrane deformations, on the other hand, can be produced by certain type of proteins, which can be recruited into the membrane. As consequence, I also focus on the effect of diffusion and recruitment of proteins in the membrane shape evolution. This study reveals gradual shape deformation leading to the formation of spherical vesicles. It also suggests a dependence between the rate of protein recruitment and the time required to form the vesicle.

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