New Face: Aleksander Grochowicz

From : Germany

Start date: 01.01.2021

Section: 3 - Risk and Stochastics

Picture of Aleksander Grochowicz

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In my PhD project, I will work on stochastic modelling of clouds and combine the mathematics of it with applications in energy systems under the supervision of Fred Espen Benth and Marianne Zeyringer. I am excited to support the SPATUS (Spatial-Temporal Uncertainty in Energy Systems) project which aims to be part of the transition towards a green energy system. Before coming to Oslo, I obtained my master’s degree from the University of Bonn in Germany where I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Ursula Hamenstädt in dynamical systems and ergodic theory.

Outside of mathematics I am a tea-drinking map enthusiast who loves to spend time outdoors, mostly cycling or hiking.




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