New Face: Aliaksandr Hubin

From : Belarus

Start date: 01.01.2021

Section: 2 - Statistics and Data Science

I started my postdoc at the department on January 1, 2021. Prior to that I had been employed as a research scientist at the Norwegian Computing Center. There, I carried out fundamental research in statistics and machine learning, published articles and worked on projects involving development of customized statistical and machine learning methodology in various applications for private and public sectors. 

Regarding my academic background, I took a PhD in Mathematical Statistics at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oslo (UIO) under the supervision of Professor Geir O. Storvik. The PhD was defended in November 2018. In my PhD dissertation, I was specializing in Bayesian model selection, averaging and automatic model configuration in various complex regression contexts ranging from simple linear models to highly nonlinear deep Bayesian regressions. Bayesian methods in general are my greatest passion.


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