New face: Corey Harris

From USA

Start date: 06.08.2018

Section: 5 - Algebra, Geometry and Topology

Born and raised in Texas, I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin.  Afterward, I moved to Florida State University, where in 2017 I completed my PhD in algebraic geometry under the supervision of Paolo Aluffi.  I was a post-doc wth Bernd Sturmfels at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences before coming to Oslo.  

I am interested in characteristic classes of algebraic varieties and computations in intersection theory.  Some things I've worked on include: computing Segre classes, complexity of algebraic optimization problems (the Euclidean distance degree being the main example), tritangents of (tropical and real) space sextics.  Outside of math, I love boardgames and hiking. I also play guitar and love jazz.


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