New Face: Edvard Aksnes

From : Norway

Start date: 17.08.20

Section: 5 - Algebra, Geometry and Topology

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I am a former UiO student, having completed a Master in Mathematics under supervision of Kristin Shaw. My master thesis was titled “Tropical Poincaré duality spaces”, attempting to determine criteria for Polyhedral complexes to satisfy a duality reminiscent of Poincaré/Serre duality between (co)homology groups with respect to certain cellular (co)sheaves from Tropical Geometry.

For my PhD, I will again be supervised by Kristin Shaw, and be part of the research group on Algebraic and Topological Cycles in Tropical and Complex Geometries. I hope to continue work from the masters thesis, explore Tropical connections to Toric varieties, and other areas within combinatorics/geometry.


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