New Face: Emilie Mai Elkiær

From : Denmark

Start date: 01.09.21

Section: 6 - Several Complex Variables, Logic and Operator algebras


I am excited to join the Operator Algebra Group at UiO for my Ph.D. starting September 2021. My Ph.D. supervisor will be Prof. Nadia Larsen. My mathematical interests are somewhat broad within the areas of Operator Algebras and Functional Analysis. I obtained my master's degree in pure mathematics from the University of Copenhagen in December 2019. During my studies, I focused mainly on topics within Operator Algebras, and I wrote my master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Magdalena Musat on analogs of Property (T) for group actions on Banach spaces. Since then, I have been working as a Ph.D. student at ÈNS de Lyon supervised by Prof. Mikael de la Salle on questions related to the Banach space representation theory of compact groups.

Outside of mathematics, I enjoy spending time with my partner and our wonderful 3-year-old. Besides, I am a dancer and a happy amateur juggler. I collect mathematical riddles, and I have a weak spot for jazz and espresso-based drinks


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