New Face: Fredrik Lundvall Wollbraaten

From : Norway

Start date: 05.10.2020

Section: 2 - Statistics and Data Science

I have just finished a master thesis at the University of Oslo in the statistics department under the supervision of professor Geir Olve Storvik. We studied ways to approximately simulate samples from posterior distributions in a parallel setting, i.e when the data is partitioned into workers who can only access their own subset of the data. These methods are helpful in two settings, when the data is actually separated due to privacy or other reasons, and in “big data” settings when sampling from the true posterior is intractable. Before my master thesis at UiO I spent my first two years at NTNU (electrical engineering) before transferring to UiO in 2017 to complete a Bachelor degree in mathematics.

In my PhD position I will continue under the supervision of professor Geir Olve Storvik, in collaboration with professor Ingrid Glad and associate professor Morten Stakkeland from ABB, within the Big Insight group.

The position is devoted to sequential learning and decision based on sensor data from maritime (ship) data. Learning or decisions to be made can be failure detection or rules for maintenance. Methodological development will include both model building and developing inferential tools, including computational methods.

Outside of education I enjoy playing football with the Oslo Sports Student Association (OSI), and work-wise I have experience in an AI-startup (RagnaRock Geo) and financial markets (equity research analyst at SpareBank 1 Markets, Data Scientist at Nordea Markets).

My first day is Monday, October 5th.


Published Oct. 7, 2020 10:40 AM - Last modified Oct. 14, 2020 1:22 PM