New Face: Jonas Moss

From Norway

Start date: 01.08.2017

Section: 2 - Statistics and biostatistics

In December 2015 I finished my master’s thesis in statistics at UiO. It was titled “Cube Root Asymptotics”, was about cube root asymptotics, and came into being under the guidance of Nils Lid Hjort. Since then I've had a brief run at Norges Bank Investment Management as a junior researcher, but now I have rejoined the statistics department! Looking to gain --- and hopefully spread --- new insight not only on esoteric estimators, but even themes of wider interest, such as model selection, boosting, the bootstrap and philosophy of statistics.

I like statistics jokes but have trouble inventing them myself, so I'll take one from stackexchange: "After enough alcohol all statisticians tend to become Bayesians: we start making inferences from our posterior." (Haha!)

When I'm not doing statistics, I like spending time with my kids, playing video games, and ruminate on the Principles of Rationality. Sometimes I like to read psychology papers / books as well.

Tags: Statistics, asymtotics, optimisation, analysis
Published Aug. 4, 2017 11:00 AM - Last modified Mar. 3, 2021 11:21 AM