New face: Riccardo Parviero

From Italy

Start date: 06.08.2018

Section: 2 - Statistics and Biostatistics


Starting from August 2018, I am a PhD student at Big Insight. I will be under the supervision of Ida Scheel and my work will focus on how to model and predict the viral spreading of a product inside a network of customers. The project is connected with both theoretical and applied statistical problems such as dynamic modelling, big data analysis and model selection.

Before joining the University of Oslo, I graduated with a Master in statistics in my homecountry, Italy, at Universit√† degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. I had the chance to visit Norway while I was writing my master thesis, as I spent five months here in Oslo being supervised by Nils Lid Hjort. My thesis revolved around the creation of a model selection technique that could also be used in a high-dimensional data framework.

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