New Face: Thea Josefine Ellevold

From : Norway

Start date: 21.09.2020

Section: 1 - Mechanics

I finished my Master at the University of Oslo in August 2020 under the supervision of Professor Atle Jensen, Professor Aleksey Marchenko and co-supervisor researcher Jean Rabault. My master thesis was within the field of Fluid Dynamics, with the title " Optical velocity measurements in the ocean using a remote operated vehicle (ROV)". Here we designed a low-cost system that we can implement in the ocean to measure the instantaneous two-dimensional velocity field, to gain a greater understanding and picture of the fluid dynamics, by doing a study with optical measurements techniques. 

In my PhD, I'm a part of the EcoPulse Project 2020-2023. I'm gonna focus on internal waves, where we want to calculate the vertical flow behind solitary waves i.e. the vertical velocity and particle transport. From the numerical/theoretical calculations, we want to relate these outcomes to marine biological measurements, current and turbulence measurements as well as observations in the field, with particular emphasis on conditions at the coral reef Hola in Vesterålen. My supervisors are Professor John Grue (UIO) and Scientist Johannes Røhrs (MET).


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