New face: Trygve Kvåle Løken

From Norway

Start date: 20.08.2018 

Section: 1 - Mechanics

My PhD work will be on Dynamics Of Floating Ice (DOFI) with Prof. Atle Jensen. The main objective of the project is to investigate iceberg dynamics and drift under the influence of ocean waves. My work will mainly be experimental, both in laboratory and in the field, and I will carry out measurements on Svalbard. 

I did my MSc at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) within environmental engineering. During my degree, I spent one year at the Technical University of Munich where i specialized in wind energy and fluid mechanics. Upon my arrival back at NTNU I wrote my thesis on offshore wind and wave measurements. I have also studied pedagogics and worked as a consultant engineer within hydrological analysis and storm water management.    

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