FocuStat Conference 2018: Vårens Vakreste Variabler

Presentations at the international FocuStat conference. Read also the programme.

Riccardo de Bin: Strategies to derive combined prediction models using both clinical predictors and high-throughput molecular data

Ørnulf Borgan: Do Japanese and Italian women live longer than women in Scandinavia?

Gerda Claeskens: Keep the focus

Céline Cunen: Whales, politics, and statisticians

Idris Eckley: Anomalies, Change-points and Exoplanets

Arnoldo Frigessi: Personalized computer simulation of breast cancer treatment: A multiscale dynamic model informed by multi-source patient data

Håkon Gjessing: Joint modeling of fetal size and time-to-birth

Jan Hannig: Deep Fiducial Inference

Ingrid Hobæk Haff: Focused selection of the claim severity distribution in non-life insurance

Kristoffer Hellton: High-dimensional asymptotics for principal component regression

Gudmund Hermansen: Bayesian nonparametrics for time series

Nils Lid Hjort: Survival and event history analysis via Gamma process models

Aliaksandr Hubin: Deep Bayesian regression models

Martin Jullum: Parametric or nonparametric, that's the question

Vinnie Ko: FIC for copulae

Per Mykland and Lan Zhang: The five trolls under the bridge: Principal Component Analysis with asynchronous and noisy high frequency data

Håvard Nygård: Why (and when) do small conflicts become big wars?

Sylvia Richardson: Uncovering structure in high dimensional data via outcome-guided clustering

Leiv Tore Salte Rønneberg: Fiducial and Objective Bayesian inference - some comparisons

Tore Schweder: Unbiased confidence

Emil Stoltenberg: Models and inference for on-off data via clipped Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes

Alex Whitmore: Distribution-free inference methods for threshold regression


Published June 21, 2018 12:06 PM - Last modified Sep. 24, 2018 1:10 PM