Modeling and Computation of Massive Spatio-Temporal Data


Inference and Computation

  • A hierarchical Bayesian non-linear spatio-temporal model for the spread of invasive species by Hooten and Wikle, 2007.
  • An SPDE Based Spatio-temporal Model for Large Data Sets with an Application to Postprocessing Precipitation Forecasts by Sigrist, Kunsch & Stahel, 2012
  • Hierarchical Bayesian auto-regressive models for large space time data with applications to ozone concentration modelling by Sahu & Bakar, 2011
  • Spatiotemporal Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling: Tropical Ocean Surface Winds by Wikle et al., 2001
  • A general science-based framework for dynamical spatio-temporal models by Wikle & Hooten, 2010
  • Polynomial nonlinear spatio-temporal integro-difference equation models by Wikle & Holan, 2011

Special Issue


  • Bayesian Spatial and Temporal Epidemiology. Doctoral Thesis, Aalto University, Finland, 2011
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Methods for the Marine Sciences: Analyses of Climate Variability and Fish Abundance. Doctoral Thesis, Universidade de Lisboa, 2010
  • Modelling from spatio-temporal data: a dynamic systems approach. Doctoral Thesis, University of Sheffield, 2012
  • Hierarchical Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Massive Datasets, with Appl. to Global Mapping of CO2. Doc. Thesis, Ohio State University, 2011


Dimension Reduction

  • A dimension-reduced approach to space-time Kalman filtering by Wikle & Cressie, 1999.
  • Dimension Reduction Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Process with Appl. to Statistical Downscaling. Doctoral Thesis, Ohio State University, 2011


Deterministic Approximations via Laplace Methods

  • Spatial and Spatio-temporal models with R-INLA, Blangiardo, Cameletti, Baio & Rue, 2012
  • Sequential Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations by Bhattacharya & Wilson, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Fitting dynamic models using integrated nested Laplace approximations - INLA by Ramiro, Krainski & Rue, NTNU, 2010



SAMSI Program on Computational Methodology for Massive Datasets, 2012-13

Summer School on Topics in Space-Time Modeling and Inference, Denmark 2013

The Third Workshop on Bayesian Inference for Latent Gaussian Models, Iceland 2013

The R-INLA project



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