Submission deadline

Forms to be handed in during the master programme:

1. The master agreement. Deadline: December 1st. If you have master courses from BEFORE admission, you should hand in the master agreement as soon as possible - your study right duration on the master programme may be affected! 

Once the agreement is approved, you will get it back by e-mail. And you will also know your final submission deadline. The master agreement is to be filled in together with your supervisor. Important: the master agreement must be approved BEFORE you start writing your thesis. NB: Should you have passed courses before you start the master programme and wish to include these in your degree, the total study time on the master programme will be reduced. The master agreement form have to be handed in as soon as possible after the welcome meeting.

2. Status report: Form where you let the master council know how the writing of the thesis is coming along.

3. The master diploma will include the theoretical curriculum in your individual education plan. Make sure that it corresponds to the courses in master agreement plan, 60 stp / 90 stp. 


And: Remeber to sign up for the exam in the Student Web.

Deadline, as usuall: February 1st / September 1st.

Codes: MAT5930/60, MEK5960/5930, SMR5960/5930, DS5960/5930, Lektorstudenter: MAT5930L, MEK5930L.

MOD5930/60, ANMAT5930/60.


Submission deadlines for master thesis:

Deadlines for short thesis:

     Submission in the spring semester: May 15th
     Submission of the autumn semester: Monday in week 50

Deadlines for long thesis:

     Submission in the spring semester: May 15th
     Submission of the fall semester: November 15th (if November 15 falls on a Saturday/Sunday/public holiday, the deadline on the first working day after the 15th of November, in at. 14.30).

Submission is done by sending the thesis, in PDF, to the student advisor and uploading it in the Student Web.

Subject of the email should include the student's name and the words "final version" of the thesis. PDF file should be called the student's name and thesis (if they all are called "thesis" they would be difficult to distinguish).

Please note that on the day of the deadline the thesis must be handed in at 14.30, and the deadline is absolute! (If you have been given an extension has an individual date).

If a thesis is not submitted by the deadline and there is no application an extension before the deadline, all student rights will be withdrawn. If such an application is handed in on the deadline, but is denied the right to study will be withdrawn. Students must apply for admission to the Master programme again. Upon re-admission, the student must select a thesis project which is different from the the thesis that were not handed in. The theoretical syllabus on the initial task will be re-assessed in relation to the new task. Students must expect adjustment of theory syllabus although new thesis is selected from the same area as the first.

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