Printing the Thesis

The thesis is printed in black / white. The front is white and the back is black.

The department covers color only if there is a prior agreement with the student advisor and then at a maximum of seven pages if this is essential for the content of your thesis.

Send an e-mail with the thesis to the student advisor ask whether the Department will cover some color pages. Please list page numbers. This can conveniently be done well before the deadline. Students may choose to pay for color printing, this must be clearly stated in the e-mail sent to the student advisor.
Reprosentralen wants the pages to be printed in color to be indicated by page number in the e-mail. Please list the page numbers.

The thesis must be submitted in two places. By e-mail to the student advisor and up loaded to the Student Web.

The student logs into the Student Web and upload master thesis. Read more under "Submission of the thesis."
The printing takes about 4-5 business days. The student collects the thesis from Reprosentralen.

Number of prints
We print normally two copies of the thesis. Supervisor, internal supervisor and external supervisor will receive an electronic version of the thesis.
If you want more than 2 copies for your own use, you will get these printed reasonable if done while printing the first 2.


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