Submitting the thesis

The thesis should be handed in in the Student Web and by e-mail. 

Submission by e-mail

Students send (e-mail) with the final version to the student advisor before the deadline. The thesis should be submitted in PDF and file should be named student's name and thesis (if all the thesis´are called "thesis" it will be difficult to distinguish which is from which student). Subject of the email must include "the student's name and FINAL version of the thesis."

Important - if you have been granted use of color pages it is important that you state this in the e-mail. It is also important to state whether you choose to pay for color pages yourself. 

Electronic submission of theses DUO

From 01.01.2007, it is mandatory to provide all the master's thesis in electronic form via DUO (Digital releases at the University). There are also several good reasons to deliver DUO.

All students must submit the thesis for DUO archive. University Library describes well how to proceed:

In addition, you need to supply an electronic summary of the thesis of half a  page. This summary will be readable for everyone and it is therefore desirable that this summary is in English. There will be a link from the database Bibsys to the summary.


In some cases the student writes a thesis containing personal data or other confidential information. In those cases, one may place restrictions on the thesis.

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