Writing the Thesis

The thesis is printed in black/white.  


The department covers only color if there is an agreement with the student advisor and then at a maximum of seven pages if this is essential for the content. Send an e-mail with the thesis to the student advisor as to whether the Department will cover some color pages. This can conveniently be done well before the deadline. Students may choose to pay for color printing, this must be stated in the e-mail task being sent to the student advisor. Reprosentralen wants the pages to be printed in color to be indicated in the email. Please list the page numbers.


Front page and layout for thesis written in LaTex

If you want to see what other students have done with layout, fonts, line spacing, etc.., you can take a trip on the Science Library or at UB.

You can also find master theses available in DUO. There are no formal requirements for the typographical appearance of the thesis, but emphasize that it should be easy to read. Avoid long lines and for small print. Margins of about 2.5 cm and 12 pt font is a good choice.


Example of front page: Matematisk institutt

Download the LaTeX package masterfrontpage to create an official front page. Click here for a short introduction to the package.

LaTeX is mostly used within the fields of mathematics and the natural sciences. For information about LaTeX from the Informatics department please refer to Informasjon om LaTeX med venner (information in Norwegian and English).




Master the Council has decided that the face should be following and nothing else:

  • Title of thesis
  • Name of student
  • Thesis for the Degree "program name" 
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • University of Oslo
  • year/ month/date
  • seal (UiO logo)

Any organization logos and more will be on page 3.



Exam codes:

  • Master in Mathematics: MAT5930/60

  • Master in Modellering and Data Analysis: MOD5930/60

  • Master in Computational Science and Engineering: ANMAT5930/60

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