Censorship and examination

From 1 April 2014 the procedures for examination of theses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences changed.


The supervisor shall no longer actively participate in the grading of theses. The supervisor will provide internal and external sensor information on such matters as candidate's work methods, work and independence, and so the examiners use this along with the other criteria for evaluation of the thesis to determine the character.
The sensors should emphasize information from the supervisor of the candidate of work, work and independence. More information to come.

Final presentation of the thesis - Hearing

After the thesis has been submitted and it is clarified that it is at least E, study program concludes with an oral examination. This exam consists of a presentation of at least 30 minutes where the student gives an overview of the task. The presentation will be public and external examiner, internal examiner and supervisor (s) must be present. The presentation is followed by an oral examination / conversation about the task of those responsible for grading. Graphic profile and templates for The Dept. of Mathematics.

The presentation and the oral examination / consultation may adjust the grade of the assignment. If the task has been given the grade F and so the final exam can not change this, no final examination.

There will be two grades on the protocol - one on the thesis and a final grade. The final grade will appear on the diploma. Both grades will be visible in the Student Web.


Diploma on completion of degree is printed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It can take up to 3 months before the diploma is ready. This is because they control the foundation for the master's degree (Bachelors degree or similar). Students are responsible for ensuring that the basis for the master's degree is in order. This is especially students who have bachelor from somewhere other than the University of Oslo.
If in the meantime you need a confirmation of completed education for use in job applications, etc., may be obtained from the student advisor at the Department of Mathematics. Read more about diplomas by restructuring the faculty pages.

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