Sammy A. Soulimani, Stavanger: On the space of abelian four-folds of type (1,1,2,2)

Abstract: There is a natural involution on the moduli space of polarized abelian varieties of dimension 4 and type (1,1,2,2) (consequence of a result by Birkenhake and Lange). During this talk, I will show how to construct two different divisors of this moduli space and study their invariance with respect to the said involution. The aim is to understand the Picard group of this moduli space as a first step in studying its geometry. This is a joint work with P. Porru which began during the Pragmatic summer school 2016.


Publisert 1. nov. 2016 12:30 - Sist endret 1. nov. 2016 12:30