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Emneord: Mekanikk, Fluidmekanikk


Journal articles

Y Bazilevs, M - C Hsu, Y Zhang, W Wang, T Kvamsdal, S Hentschel, J G Isaksen (2010)  Computational vascular fluid-structure interaction: methodology and application to cerebral aneurysms.   Biomech Model Mechanobiol 9: 4. 481-498 Aug

S Hentschel, K - A Mardal, A E Løvgren, S Linge, V Haughton (2010)  Characterization of cyclic CSF flow in the foramen magnum and upper cervical spinal canal with MR flow imaging and computational fluid dynamics.   AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 31: 6. 997-1002 Jun

Book chapters

Susanne Støle-Hentschel, Svein Linge, Alf Emil Løvgren, Kent-Andre Mardal (2012)  24 Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow   In: Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method Edited by:Anders Logg, Kent-Andre Mardal, Garth Wells. 455-470 Springer

Conference papers

2013 E L Walter, S Støle-Hentschel, P O Moslet (2013)  Estimating Characteristic Load Effects on Floating Structures in Ice   In: Submitted to the 32nd Int. Conf. on Ocean Offshore and Arctic Engineering Nantes, France.

Susanne Støle-Hentschel, Christian Lønøy, Per Olav Moslet (2013)  Numerical Simulation of Ice Ridges Interacting with a Moored Spar   In: Submitted to the 32nd Int. Conf. on Ocean Offshore and Arctic Engineering

2012 P O Moslet, S Støle-Hentschel, E L Walter, R H Lande (2012)  A Framework for Determining Characteristic Action Effects on Floating Structures in Ice   In: Arctic Technology Conference Houston, TX, USA

Nils Albert Jenssen, Torbjørn Hals, Peter Jochmann, Andrea Haase, Xavier dal Santo, Sofien Kerkeni, Olivier Doucy, Arne Gürtner, Susanne Støle Hetschel, Per Olav Moslet, Ivan Metrikin, Sveinung Løset (2012)  DYPIC – A Multi-National R&D Project on DP Technology in Ice   In: Dynamics Positioning Conference Dynamic Positioning Committee Marine Technology Society

Susanne Støle-Hentschel, Geir Skeie (2011)  Analysis-suitable modeling for isogeometric shell analysis   In: Proceedings of the 24th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics Edited by:J. Freund and R. Kouhia.

Geir Skeie, Susanne Støle-Hentschel, Venkatapathi Tharigopula, Torgeir Rusten, Arne Christian Damhaug (2011)  Isogeometric Analysis in Marine Applications   In: Isogeometric Analysis 2011:Integrated Design and Analysis

Geir Skeie, Susanne Støle-Hentschel, Torgeir Rusten (2010)  Linear Isogeometric Shell Analysis in Marine Applications   In: 23rd Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics NSCM-23

Oddrun Christin Myklebust, Susanne Hentschel, Kent-Andre Mardal (2008)  Patient-specific Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations in the Circle of Willis   In: 21st Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics Edited by:T Kvamsdal, K M Mathisen, B Pettersen. 98-100 CIMNE 


  • Støle-Hentschel, Susanne; Trulsen, Karsten; Nieto Borge, José Carlos & Olluri, Shkurte (2020). Extreme Wave Statistics in Combined and Partitioned Windsea and Swell. Water Waves.  ISSN 2523-367X.  2, s 169- 184 . doi: 10.1007/s42286-020-00026-w
  • Støle-Hentschel, Susanne; Seemann, Jörg; Nieto Borge, Jose Carlos & Trulsen, Karsten (2018). Consistency between Sea Surface Reconstructions from Nautical X-Band Radar Doppler and Amplitude Measurements. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology.  ISSN 0739-0572.  35, s 1201- 1220 . doi: 10.1175/JTECH-D-17-0145.1 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.
  • Støle-Hentschel, Susanne; Trulsen, Karsten; Rye, Lisa Bæverfjord & Raustøl, Anne (2018). Extreme wave statistics of counter-propagating, irregular, long-crested sea states. Physics of Fluids.  ISSN 1070-6631.  30(6) . doi: 10.1063/1.5034212 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.
  • Kerkeni, Sofien; Dal Santo, Xavier*; Doucy, O; Jochmann, Peter; Haase, Andrea; Metrikin, Ivan; Løset, Sveinung; Jenssen, Nils Albert; Hals, T.; Gürtner, Arne; Moslet, Per Olav & Støle-Hentschel, Susanne (2014). DYPIC Project: Technological and Scientific Progress Opening New Perspectives, In  OTC Arctic Technology Conference, Texas, USA, 10-12 February 2014 - Conference Proceedings.  Society of Petroleum Engineers.  ISBN 978-1-61399-355-2.  Article.

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