Think career: career course for PhDs studying at the Department of Mathematics

The course focuses on raising awareness about and mapping your competency.  Recently graduated PhD students will also share experiences of their own career paths. 

The Department of Mathematics has the pleasure of inviting you to the career course customised for the PhDs from our Department.

To start you off thinking about your career as early as possible, we think that this course is best suited for PhDs at their 1st and 2nd year of studies, but others are also welcome to join.


The schedule is only a suggestion - the exact time for each activity will depend on how the day develops. We suggest that you try to make time to take part in the whole programme.

10.00 Welcome and introduction: We take a look at where our alumni work today, if they are happy with their jobs and salaries, and if they think that their UIO education was relevant to the work they do today - the Head of PhD council, Professor Hans Brodersen, and Research Adviser Elisabeth Seland.

10.30 Is there life after PhD? A few of our graduated PhDs/alumni share their experiences about the road from disputation to employment.

11.15 Panel discussion: Our alumni welcome questions from the audience. You will have a chance to ask them everything you want to know about life after PhD graduation.

12.00 Lunch

12.45 Part 1) Competency mapping – What can you offer?, by Espen Kallevik and Vivienne Lumayag, career advisers at Career Services

13.45 Part 2) Communication with employers inside and outside academia – CV and cover letter, by Espen Kallevik and Vivienne Lumayag, career advisers at Career Services

14.30 Planning a career in Akademia? Grants and possibilities by Elisabeth Seland, Research Adviser Department of Mathematic

15.15 The road ahead - wrapping up

Sign up!*

*To prepare for the course you may wish to find your existing CV and e-mail it to us ahead of the course. All CVs sent in within 21st October will be used as a basis for a collective (anonymized) feedback during the part of the course held by the career advisers from Career Services, UiO.

Registration deadline: 21st October 13.00 pm.

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