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Writing Course - Scientificness in Mathematical Subjects

The course provides the student with scientific knowledge in mathematical subjects, enabling him/her to begin the work with a master's thesis. Key topics in the course are literature retrieval, data management, writing and presentation.

After completing the course you should:

  • be able to find, read, evaluate and use scientific literature
  • know principles and tools of scientific communication; written, verbally and visually
  • know the practice of handling and presenting data
​Time Subject ​Lecturer About
​09:15-10:00 Scientificness in mathematics ​Karoline Moe

Searching, source criticism, reading, ethics, cheating, citations and plagiarism


- Searching and reading

- Citations and plagiarism

​10:15-11:00 LaTeX for large documents Martin Helsø

How to organise the writing

Requires some familiarity with LaTeX

- Guide for large documents
- Thesis template: zip, Overleaf
- Thesis front page: package, documentation

- UiO templates on Overleaf

​11:15-11:40 BibLaTeX Martin Helsø

Efficient reference management with LaTeX


- Introduction to BibLaTeX

​11:40-12:00 Data management ​Karoline Moe and Edina Pozer Bue

File sense, meta data, data management plan

- Data management

​12:30-13:00 Simple design principles Karoline Moe

Applications of design principles to master's thesis, illustrations, figures and tables

- Design principles, figures and tables

​13:15-14:00 Writing mathematics Karoline Moe

Structure of thesis, mathematical subtleties and useful writing tips

- Writing in mathematics

​14:15-14:45 Oral presentation Karoline Moe

Presentation technique, oral, blackboard and slide shows

- AB123C

- My presentation

- Introduction to Beamer

- Department's Beamer theme: zip, Overleaf

​14:45-15:00 Part of the research world Karoline Moe

What happens when you are done?


- After graduation

 LaTeX questions? Contact

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