Njord seminar series Fall 2022

We are working on this autumn's seminar series. The overview for the Fall 2022 will be updated as soon as it is ready.
Below you will find the exciting program for spring semester of 2022.

We have an exciting and diverse schedule for you, with interesting speakers and topics, and we are very much looking forward to the talks. New for this semester is that some of the talks will be by researchers from Njord. All talks in the series this semester will be on Zoom on Fridays, for staff on campus it will be possible to join the seminar from room Kelvin when the current COVID19-regulations allow for it. Most seminars will be at 2 PM CET, but because we have speakers from different time zones there can be some variations, so please check the schedule.

Below you can see the schedule. The seminars are 45 minutes or 30+10 minutes, with 10-15 minutes allocated for questions and discussion.

Date and time Confirmed speaker Title of talk Njord-host
January 14th, 2PM Osvanny Ramos "The LabQuakes project: from a granular fault to earthquake statistics" Knut Jørgen Måløy
January 21st, 2PM Njord-talk: Kristina Dunkel "Earthquakes in the lower crust - origins and consequences" Jess
January 28th, 2pm Marcel Thielmann "Crushed and fried: collaborative generation of deep earthquakes due to grain size reduction and shear heating" Luca Menegon
February 4th, 2pm Two Njord-talks: Vidar Skogvoll & Marcel Moura "A phase-field crystal framework for 3D dislocation dynamics" & "Capillary pumping: the spreading of pollution in porous media" Fabian
February 11th, 2pm Salima Rafai "Flowing Active Suspensions: plankton as a model active particle" Thomas Combriat
February 18th, 2pm Two Njord-talks: John Aiken & Paiman Shafabakhsh "Understanding serpentinization rates in Oman through hydrogen degassing events" & "Neutron imaging of reactive-mixing in porous rocks". Jess
March 4th, 2pm Karianne Bergen "Big data for small earthquakes: Data mining, deep learning and explainable AI" John Aiken
March 11th, 2pm Two Njord-talks: Thomas Combriat & Andreas Aspaas "Cells on the move - Tickling biology with ultrasonic waves"& "What causes transient deformations in the Åknes landslide, Norway?" Jess McBeck
March 17th, 4pm Brendan Dyck

"Unravelling 150 million years of metamorphism and deformation along the Great Slave Lake Shear Zone"

Stephen Michalchuk
March 25th, 2pm Two Njord-talks: Per Arne Rikvold & Henrik Sveinsson

"Fluctuations and cascades in models of evolving ecosystems" & "Predicting fracture strength in silica using machine learning"

Fabian Barras
April 22nd, 2pm Shyam Nandan "Triggering of large earthquakes is driven by their twins" Gaute Linga

April 28th,


Luca Giomi "Hydrodynamics and multiscale order in confluent epithelia" Luiza Angheluta, PoreLab
April 29th, 2pm Mazi Jalaal "Free surface flow of yield stress materials on small scales" Andreas Carlson
May 6th, 2pm Two Njord-talks: Joanna Dziadkowiec & Fabian Barras "Mineral growth in confinement - experiments in surface forces apparatus" & "Cracks in the code" Jess
May 12th, 3pm Vito Rubino “Earthquake rupture behavior and evolution of dynamic friction revealed by laboratory experiments” Fabian Barras
May 20th, 3pm Ruby Fu

"Solidification flows in porous media: stories from gas hydrates and snow"

Henrik Sveinsson


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