Studentarrangementer - Side 5

Tid: 15. juni 2021 10:45

Any Sign of Quantum Gravity? Search for excited gravitons G* in 13 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Tid og stad: 15. juni 2021 10:30, NHA 819

Tittel: Weakly Supervised Learning for Predictive Maintenance: An Extended Random Forest Approach using Imbalanced Event Data from Hybrid Ships

Tid og stad: 14. juni 2021 11:15, NHA 1000

Tittel: Supersingulære elliptiske kurver og kryptografi



Tid: 14. juni 2021 10:00

Lucas Cell-Based Radon Detector Prototype For Consumer Applications

Tid og stad: 14. juni 2021 10:00, Zoom

Tittel: AES og Kalyna Kropper i symmetriske krypteringsalgoritmer


Tid: 14. juni 2021 09:30

Force microscopy of magnetic nanoparticles

Tid og stad: 14. juni 2021 09:30, Digitalt via Zoom

"Double Perovskite Cobaltites as Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts in Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Cells"

Tid: 11. juni 2021 11:45

Electronic and Optical Properties of Two-Dimensional BaSi2

Tid: 11. juni 2021 10:30

Tittel:   Mathematical reserves of unit-linked insurance policies with fractional volatility

Tid: 11. juni 2021 10:00

Measurements of prompt fission γ rays from the 233U(α, α'f) and 237Np(d, pf) fission reactions

Tid og stad: 11. juni 2021 10:00, Digitalt via Zoom

"Structural Characterization of High Entropy Metal Silicide Alloys An investigation of the Si:Cr:Fe:Co:Ni:Cu system"

Tid: 11. juni 2021 09:00

Tittel: Prospective Reserves of Life Insurance Policies under the Heath-Jarrow-Morton Framework

Tid og stad: 10. juni 2021 13:00, Zoom

Tittel: Joint operator convexity of a certain trace functional.



Tid og stad: 10. juni 2021 11:0011:30, Digital examination, Zoom

Model-based IDF-curves in Norway Can a high-resolution climate model resolve convective-scale extreme precipitation?

Tid: 10. juni 2021 10:00

Statistical properties of 233U - Investigating the Scissor Resonance of 233U, using γSF and NLD from the Oslo Method analysis with the new OMpy software

Tid og stad: 10. juni 2021 09:30, Digitalt via Zoom

"Effect of drivers in context of catchment characteristics on changes in DOM concentrations"

Tid og stad: 9. juni 2021 12:00, Zoom

Tittel: Risk Management in Power Markets An Infinite Dimensional Approach

Tid: 9. juni 2021 11:00

Strict Localization and Single-Photon Approximation

Tid og stad: 9. juni 2021 10:30, Zoom

Tittel: Pandemiforsikring

Tid og stad: 9. juni 2021 10:15, Digitalt via Zoom

"Development of a novel method for synthesis of β-lactam"

Tid og stad: 9. juni 2021 09:00, Zoom

Tittel: Merton’s portfolio problem: A Monte Carlo study 

Tid: 8. juni 2021 11:45

The effects of spatial and temporal oscillations on hydrodynamic dispersion

Tid og stad: 3. juni 2021 09:3010:00, Seminar room 219, Geology building, University of Oslo

Mapping of unstable rock slopes using GNSS - Analysis of different impacts on processed observations

Tid: 31. mai 2021 10:15

Benchmarking indirect (n,gamma) reaction rate measurements for s-process nucleosynthesis in the Re/Os region.

Tid og stad: 27. mai 2021 10:15, Digitalt via Zoom

"Utvikling og utprøving av undervisningsverktøy for å jobbe med autentiske tekster i skolen. Et møte mellom fagfornyelsen, naturfag og lesing"