User Support for exams

Below you will find the students' single point of contact for all questions concerning your exam. You will also find other important information about the support lines. 

Use this form for submitting questions concerning your exam:

Exam questions

  • You may ask for clarification on the assignment or about technical issues concerning the exam. 
  • The teachers will answer questions during 3 time slots in the exam week: the first day of the week, the middle day of the week and the last day of the week.

MN Student Information will be the first recipient of your form. They will redirect your question to the right recipient. 

If you have emergency questions, call MN Student Information:

  • 22 85 63 44 (opening hours weekdays 9-11/12-15)

Important messages

You should check your semester page regularly in case there are important messages concerning your exam.

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