From idea to business - Streets of Oslo launch!

Students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship have officially launched their Streets of Oslo brand, with their first product Ryggsekk Orginal.

Three guys sitting in concrete stairs

The students behind Streets of Oslo. From left: Ademir Alijagic, Bastian Marenbach and Shahabaz Basheer. Foto: Streets of Oslo

Streets of Oslo is a company started by master's students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo. The students came up with the idea through working with different course assignments during their first semester autumn 2016. They, Bagz at that time, were also one of the Inven2Start winners. In their second semester they were allowed to continue their work developing the business through one of their master's courses. They worked out of Startuplab. Yesterday, their first product was launched at Mesh. Congratulations, and good luck!


A bag placed on top of a chair
The Ryggsekk Original from Streets of Oslo. Foto: Streets of Oslo

Check out the bag here:

By Karolina Heggli
Published Dec. 8, 2017 3:09 PM - Last modified Dec. 8, 2017 3:09 PM