New book contribution out on “New Themes in Institutional Analysis” (Edward Elgar Publishing)

From contention to mainstream: valuing and institutionalizing moral products

By Nadine Arnold and Birthe Soppe

New Themes in Institutional Analysis (Edward Elgar Publishing)

New Themes in Institutional Analysis (Edward Elgar Publishing)

The study by Nadine Arnold and Birthe Soppe aims at thoroughly understanding the creation and institutionalization of what are called ‘moral markets’. Arnold and Soppe examine how mundane commodities can develop into morally value-laden products. By analyzing a rich set of archival data on the history of fair trade in Switzerland over three decades, they trace the early beginnings, development, and mainstreaming of products that are imported from developing countries and sold at a price premium to guarantee the producers a decent remuneration. In their analysis, they show that the institutionalization of fair trade is the outcome of a historical valuation process, and a growing blending of moral and economic values. Their contribution provides important implications with regard to the role of values and valuation in institutionalization processes.

Birthe Soppe is an Associate Professor at the Center for Entrepreneurship. Her main research interest lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship, institutional theory, and the emergence of new markets.

Published Sep. 26, 2017 11:21 AM - Last modified July 20, 2018 5:18 PM