Facts and figures

Centre for Material Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) is an interdisciplinary focus field for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences  (MN) at the University of Oslo (UiO). Our research is outstanding both on a national and international scale.

Key Figures for 2009

 Scientific publications  
 PhD students and Postdocs  60
 Scientific employees  13
 Administrative employees  3
 Budget  68
 Part of budget externally funded  93%
 Externally funded projects  49

Our goal is to be the leading Norwegian force in basic research on materials and nano science in functional materials, energy and IT. SMN is the scientific arrow head into material and energy research at UiO. SMN is working towards the development of cross disciplinary top tier research groups and through this aims at being highly visible internationally on an advanced scientific level. Through strength and quality, we aim to be a scientific meeting place nationally and internationally.

Research groups

The participating research groups are characterized by being focus fields for the Faculty. Our research groups consist of people from both the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics. We have a high level of international PhDs and Post Docs.

For the time being there are four research groups:

  • Functional energy related materials in Oslo (FERMiO)
  • Innovative natural gas processes and products (InGAP)
  • Light and electricity from novel semiconductors (LENS)
  • Nanostructures and functional materials (NAFUMA)
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