Gemini FORENT Seminar

Welcome to the Gemini FORENT seminar



15:00     Dr. Barbara Scherrer

              (ETH Zürich, Materials Department, Lab. for Nanometallurgy):

              "Atom probe tomography: microstructural insights in nanostructured anode interfaces for solid oxide fuel cells"


15:30     Dr. Ørnulv Vistad

              (SINTEF, Department for Process Intensification and Catalysis):

             "Crystalline microporous materials: zeolites and MOFs, and their applications"


15:50     Sindre Østby Stub

              (UiO, Solid State Electrochemistry):

              "Low-temperature protonic conduction in porous ceramics"


Coffee and cakes will be served starting from 14:45.


Gemini Centre
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