International Workshop on BZY


Tuesday March 24th

  • 2000 Invited speakers welcome at dinner in downtown restaurant (TBA)

Wednesday March 25th; Oslo Science Park - CIENS Top Centre

  • Start 0830 Welcome, coffee
    • R. Bredesen: Welcome
  • 0900-1030 Session 1; Introductory and general. Chair: Rune Bredesen
    • T. Norby; FOXCET; Space charge approach for interfaces in functional ceramics
    • R. Haugsrud; Review of conductivity of BZY
    • S. Ricote; BaZr0.9Y0.1O3-d: effect of the fabrication process on the grain boundary resistance and study of the mixed ionic/electronic conductivity in oxidizing atmosphere
  • 1030-1100 Break
  • 1100-1230 Session 2; Structure, stability. Chair: Mari-Ann Einarsrud
    • N. Maso Carcases; Review of structure, composition, and phase stability of BZY
    • C. Knee; Synthesis, chemical expansion and local structural studies of substituted BaZrO3
    • T. Grande; Chemical and mechanical stability
  • 1230-1330 Lunch
  • 1330-1500 Session 3; Defects, transport, modelling. Chair: Mathieu Marrony
    • S. Yamaguchi; Carrier localization and percolation conduction in acceptor-doped BaZrO3
    • T. S. Bjørheim; Computational studies of hydration and trapping
    • J. Polfus; Modelling of interfaces and space charge regions
  • 1500-1530 Break
  • 1530-1700 Session 4; Grain boundaries. Chair: Rotraut Merkle
    • G. Wahnström; Modelling of bulk and grain boundaries in BZ and BZY
    • R. De Souza; Grain boundaries in SrTiO3
    • S. Kim; Space charge and properties of BZY grain boundaries
  • 1700-1900 Poster session. Chair: Min Chen
  • 1900 Informal dinner in the conference facilities

Thursday March 26th; Oslo Science Park - CIENS Top Centre

  • 0830-1000 Session 5; Fabrication. Chair: Reidar Haugsrud
    • M.-A. Einarsrud; Synthesis and processing of powders for fabrication of BZ and BZY
    • M.-L. Fontaine; Sintering behaviours of BZY
    • G. W. Coors; Processing for Ni-free dense materials
  • 1000-1030 Break
  • 1030-1200 Session 6; Electrodes. Chair: Sandrine Ricote
    • R. Merkle; Electrodes on BZY with mixed proton, oxide ion, and hole conduction?
    • J. Serra; Transport and gas exchange kinetics in proton conducting components
    • C. Bernuy-Lopez; Compatibility studies between La0.5Ba0.5MO3-d (M=Mn, Fe and Co) cathodes and doped-BaZrO3 electrolytes
  • 1200-1300 Lunch
  • 1300-1430 Session 7; Applications. Chair: Marie-Laure Fontaine
    • J. Irvine; Development of electrodes for applications
    • R. O'Hayre; Triple Conducting Oxides for BZY Fuel Cells and Atom-Probe Tomography of BZY Grain Boundaries
    • M. Marrony; All Ba-based PCC for fuel cells and electrolysers
  • 1430-1500 Summarising discussion and closure. Chair: Truls Norby
  • 1500-1630 Lab tours/ Ad-hoc meetings/ Ryan O’Hayre Department of Chemistry invited talk
  • 1630-1800 Advisory Committee Meeting; Location TBA.
  • 1800 Cultural event and dinner (TBA)

Friday March 27th (Location: Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania)

  • 0830 Open breakfast discussion meeting; Chair: Per Kristian Vestre
    • New possibilities, solutions, and collaborations within proton conducting ceramics
  • 10.30 Close and departure


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