Cathodoluminescence in TEM

Welcome to a mini seminar on cathodoluminescence in TEM




Welcome and introduction, by Øystein Prytz


Depth resolved cathodoluminescence to study defect formation around nanovoids in ZnO, by Lasse Vines, UiO


Local structure and symmetry in luminescent thin films, by Per-Anders Hansen, UiO


Luminescence at the nanoscale, By David Stowe, Gatan Inc.

Please see pdf for abstracts and more information.


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Recent developments in commercially available equipment have caused renewed interest in cathodoluminescence (CL) experiments performed in the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Although CL experiments in the scanning electron microscope are somewhat common, the spatial resolution available in these set-ups is severely limited, often to some tens of nanometers. In comparison, the spatial resolution achieved for CL in TEM can be improved by an order of magnitude or more.


The aim of this mini seminar is to give a brief background to relevant activities at UiO-SMN, and to learn more about the Vulcan TEM cathodoluminescence detector produced by Gatan Inc.


For more information on the the Vulcan cathodoluminescence detector you can also have a look their webpage here (external page).


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