Persons tagged with «Chemistry»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Duparc, Marion Jeanne Louise Doctoral Research Fellow +47-46725971 SMN, Chemistry, Nafuma
Fleischer, Christian Doctoral Research Fellow 45275583 SMN, Chemistry, 2D Materials, Photoelectrochemistry, Supercapacitors
Gutterød, Emil Sebastian Doctoral Research Fellow catalysis, metal-organic frameworks, chemistry, Kinetics, SMN, methane to methanol, partial methane oxidation, CO2 hydrogenation, MOF, CONFINE
Ihlefeldt, Franziska Stefanie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 285 57409 SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Kalyva, Maria Evangelou Researcher Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN
Kaur, Gurpreet Doctoral Research Fellow Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Kømurcu, Mustafa Doctoral Research Fellow Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Lang, Eva Kathrin Higher Executive Officer +47-22854022 Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN, TeamSMN
Lazzarini, Andrea Postdoctoral Fellow +47 40347888 Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN
Levchenko, Volodymyr Doctoral Research Fellow +47 966 54 644 SMN, CONFINE, Chemistry, rhodium, MOF, Catalysis, gold
Narciso Romero, Francisco Javier Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Redekop, Evgeniy Researcher Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy
Rotunno, Giuseppe Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis, CONFINE
Vanicek, Stefan catalysis, chemistry
Xu, Kaiqi Doctoral Research Fellow 48671413 SMN, kjemi, Nanomaterials, Chemistry, FERMiO, FASE