Electrochemistry laboratory


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Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Truls Norby
Location: OSLO


  • LaserFlash instrument NETZSCH LFA457, 300-1000ºC, N2 flow
  • Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistance: home-built apparatus, 300-700ºC, 10-5mbar vacuum

Solid-state electrochemistry laboratory

  • 6 impedance spectrometers (2x Solartron 1260, 2x Novocontrol Alpha, 2x HP 4192A)
  • 3 potentiostats (solartron 1287, EG&G 273, Parstat) + some older manual models
  • 3 High-impedance voltmeters (2x HP 34401, 1x Solartron 7150+), + 2 older Keithley 614 electrometers
  • 15 ProboStat sample holder/measurement cells (NorECs AS) equipped for 2, 3, 4-electrode disk or bar setups for impedance spectrocopy, van der Pauw setup, Seebeck coefficients, transport number studies, fuel  cell measurements, and membrane flux measurements
  • 15 Furnaces (spiral elements 1300 °C and 1600 °C (SiC) types, power supplies, thyristors, and controllers (mostly Eurotherm 2216e)
  • 10 Gas mixers of varying complexity, mostly based on rotameter based (Brooks ShoRate 1355), some mass-flow-controlled
  • 1 simple mass flowmeter-based mixer/humidifier/pressure control for SOFC button cell testing, type FCMix (NorECs AS).
  • 3 Computer-controlled multiplexer stations for routing several cells to impedance spectrometer or voltmeter + van der Pauw switching
  • 3 Computers collecting all data,  running custom "IS" software on HP series 300 measurement coprocessors
  • Gas chromatograph and quadropole mass spectrometer for gas analyses

Description of services:

  • Determine thermal diffusivity/conductivity
  • Facilities for sample preparation: A multitude of possibilities including grinding, cutting, thinning.
  • Determine the Seebeck coeffisient and electrical resistance
  • Impedance spectrocopy
  • Fuel  cell measurements
  • Membrane flux measurements
  • Van der Pauw setup
  • Gas chromatography and gas analyses

About the elechtrochemistry lab

The electrochemistry laboratory can be found in Forskningsparken (MiNaLab and Forskningsparken).



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