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Location: Sem Sælands vei 26
0371 OSLO


  • SU8230 ultra-high resolution cold-field emission scanning electron microscope from Hitachi

Description of services:

  • Ultra-high resolution imaging
  • Great signal to noise ration at low currents, over a large range of accelerating voltages (0.1-30kV)
  • Investigation of non-conductive materials without sputtering
  • Low-Angle and High-Angle Backscattering Electron Detectors
  • STEM-Mode
  • Deceleration mode: apply negative voltage to the sample to reduce the impact energy and increase the surface sensitivity and less damage on fragile structures
  • EDX-EDS: enables the analysis of emitted X-rays - mapping elements present in the sample and analysis of the chemical composition


About the Scanning Electron Microscope

A SEM uses focused electrons at a certain density and acceleration voltage to scan a surface in the Nanometer scale. The primary electrons excite other electrons from the surface atoms (the detected, so-called secondary electrons). If an electron of an outer shell fills the formed hole, element-specific X-rays are emitted. A part of the primary electrons is scattered back after surface interaction, especially if heavy elements are present. All these interactions bear information on surface shape and composition and are of great interest for all disciplines dealing with materials.


The SEM is shared in between the Nanostructures and Functional Materials (NAFUMA) section and the Catalysis section of the UiO.



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