Atomic Layer Deposition

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Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Ola Nilsen 
Location: Sem Sælands vei 26
0371 OSLO


  • ALD reactors (4 x F120 Sat design, 1 x TFS500, 1 x TFS200, home made powder reactor, home made high temperature reactor, a micro-ALD reactor). Capable of using most types of precursors and reactants like ozone, CO2, N2O, etc. We have also capabilities of performing depositions under influence of electric or magnetic fields
  • Schlenk lines for synthesis of precursors

Description of services:

  • Deposit thin films under various circumstances and characterise the films

About the ALD laboratory

Our ALD activities began in the middle of 1990ies and we obtained our first reactor at UiO in 1998. We have since expanded to a total of 9 reactors with necessary infrastructure, being a combination of commercial and home-made units ranging from 1" size to 1600 cm3 and a separate powder unit capable to depositing on 100 cm3 in one run. The research activities have also led to formation of the spin-off company Baldur Coatings AS which has licenced several of the processes developed at UiO.

Our activities have given us the capability of depositing compounds based on numerous different elements. 

Overview of the compounds deposited at the ALD laboratory



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